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Hey, kids!

We’ve started a newspaper, with content created exclusively by the young artists and reporters and jokesters among us. We want your comics, your paintings, and your drawings!

This is like a talent show in a digital newspaper, to help us all feel together even while we are apart. We want your short stories, your videos, your poems, and your very best jokes and mad libs.

Anybody ages 2-18 can get published.

You can ALSO send in anything you think will help other kids: your articles, book reviews, maps, advice columns, whatever! Send it all to SIDEWALK CHALK, your kids-only newspaper.

Available now on your family’s iPad, tablet, computer, or smartphone!

(Note to parents: no last names or photos of children will be published. Please submit your child’s age along with their work. Questions, contact Kathryn de Ruijter or Dan Postma. We are grateful to Chris Colin of the Bernal Heights Newspaper for the creative community-building idea.)

Physical Copies Available

We will be delivering CHRISTMAS ISSUE printed copies to all congregational members 60+ in the first week of December!