Children & Youth Belong at First Hamilton CRC!

At First, we seek to make connections with our children and youth. We seek to create space for children to use their gifts and participate in the church community. This means that while we have programs for children and youth, we also seek to have children and youth engaged in our “regular” church life. It is not uncommon to see children helping the deacons collect offerings, leading the congregation on a number of praise and worship teams, carrying the Christ candle into church, and participating in the Lord’s Supper with the congregation. We desire to have the youngest generations to tell the oldest generations the praise-worthy deeds of the Lord. At First we seek to enable children and youth to understand that they belong

At First we really do want to share the good news of Jesus with our children and we have many programs and opportunities with which we seek to do so. Certainly this begins with the care and attention the youngest members receive in our nursery during our Sunday services.

  • At age three, children join our Children and Worship program, where they learn the stories of the bible and sing, share and play together.
  • Children in grades 1 to 6 have the opportunity to participate in Sunday School, a program that is designed to enable the children to engage further with the God’s story and to wonder and marvel at their place in it.
  • For children ages eight 8 to 11, we have Cadets and GEMS boys and girls clubs which meet every other week on Tuesdays. These groups help to build a dynamic faith through bible study, crafts and games in the context of mentoring relationships with other members of the congregation. 
  • In grades 6-8, children can become involved in our catechism group. This group explores gospel through the questions and answers of the Heidelberg Catechism. They also spend time playing games and eating together.
  • Finally, we have a youth group of those of high school age. The youth group engages young people in the meaning of God’s word for their lives. This group spends time in study, fellowship and service.
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