Jesus’ primary calling for the church community is to become his disciples, and to make disciples in his name. Through faith formation initiatives, small group ministry, and leadership development, every member of the church is encouraged and expected to be shaped by scripture and prayer, engaged with the community of believers, and involved in the church’s ministry to make more disciples of Jesus in the world. We practice discipleship in several ways, including prayer groups, small group, friendship ministry (for more information email [email protected]), bible studies, book clubs, and others. Talk to Pastor Chris, or ask Janice in the office to learn more.
We delight in the children with whom the Lord has blessed us - while we seek to integrate our children throughout the life of our church, we have programmes directed to several specific groups of children such as // nursery care is provided during our Sunday morning worship service for children 0-2 // Children & Worship offers children ages 3-5 an engaging & interactive introduction to the Biblical Story through the seasons of the church year. This programme takes place during the second half of each Sunday morning's worship service // Sunday School draws children in SK through Grade 6 more fully into the Biblical story and introduces them to the church's broader tradition with the historic creeds and confessions // Boys & Girls clubs (called Cadets & Gems) give hands-on activities intended to be fun and educational for children Grade 1 through Grade 6. These clubs meet on weekday evenings throughout the school year. // Youth Group [soon to have a hipper name] spanning grades 7-12 (meetings on Thursday evenings), invites youth to discover God's love for them in Jesus Christ and to respond to that love in their relationships with one another and the world around them as part of God's people. // For more information or leader contacts, contact Janice Sanderson in the office.
In worship, God’s people encounter the living King of Creation, and are called to live according to his Kingdom. Worship is a public event in which God’s people declare his reign, and by which we are transformed into a people who point to and demonstrate the good news of scripture by our daily lives. There are many opportunities for your to contribute to the worship life of our congregation. Some of these are up front such as music, reading scripture, and testimonies. Others are behind the scenes including AV, planning and writing, welcoming guests, producing visual arts in the sanctuary. // For more information or leader contacts, contact Janice Sanderson or Pastor Chris in the office.
We exist to serve our social and geographic communities throughout the Greater Hamilton Area. We are partners in the True City movement and actively seek to partner with other churches to meet physical and spiritual needs within our City. We also offer the Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Money Course and the CAP Debt Centre. Throughout the year there is a variety of short term projects and initiatives that we undertake as a community such as neighbourhood cleanups, Christmas hampers, a knitting group, etc.